Build a Better Life in Just 21 Days

21 Module Training Program Helps You Get Clear, Get Motivated, & Get Started on Achieving Greater Success & Happiness in Life.

  • Do you want to get clear and have 100% clarity on your goals in 2017?
  • Do you want to start living a life with more passion, fun, & energy?
  • Do you want to build an income from doing what you love?

Yes, Yes, & Yes?
Then this is for you! Read on below...

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What is the Launch Your Life Academy?

The Launch Your Life Academy is simple.

Think of it like creating your life master plan. It's about getting crystal clear on what you want to achieve in life and how you will achieve it. You will transform your life to living with more clarity, more focus, more passion, and with purpose.

It's a life transformation program broken down into 5 stages:

1. Where Am I Now?
2. Where Do I Want to Be?
3. How Will I Get There?
4. Taking Massive Action
5. Reviewing & Revising

There are 21 high-impact modules and exercises to complete. The exercises are packaged and delivered in a clear and simple way for you to quickly and easily implement into your life for immediate results.

Paige Burkes I honestly have to say that Brendan’s Launch Your Life Academy is the best program I’ve seen that combines the most important exercises and practices necessary to create your own unique, amazing life.

Even over 4 weeks, there’s no fluff here! Only focused information that, if you give yourself the time to work through it all, will completely transform your life.

This isn’t just some goal setting exercise. It delves into values, beliefs and habits which are all critical in making life changes. The Academy looks at where you’ve been, where you are now, where you want to go and helps you to understand your big ‘why’ that underlines it all. Paige Burkes, Simple Mindfulness

Are You Lacking Clarity, Focus, Motivation, or Purpose in life?

Problem: I lack clarity, purpose and meaning in my life

Solution: A step-by-step strategy to elicit what you are truly passionate about and inspired to do while also earning an income.


Problem: I struggle to stay focused, motivated and disciplined in reaching my goals

Solution: A variety of tools, guides and exercises coupled with live webinars and a strong support network of high achievers and passionate people to ensure you stay on track and reach success.

 I'm stuck in a job that I do not like

Solution: A proven process for helping you identify how you can earn an income from your passions and skillsets and start doing work you love.

Problem: I'm too old or too young to do what I want to do

Solution: A proven-formula for being able to start taking the steps necessary to do the things you have always desired to do.


Problem: I don't have the support I need to do what I want to do and be successful at it

Solution: Expert guidance, live webinars and a strong supportive network of passionate and successful people all working towards living their best life.


Problem: I haven't been able to achieve the level of success that I desire

Solution: An Academy that trains you and supports you, every step of the way ensuring you are on the right path and stay focused and motivated and have the support to reach the level of success you desire.

Inside the Academy

The Launch Your Life Academy is jam-packed with expert training, exercises, tools, guides and resources to help you create more passion, happiness and success in your life.

  • Premium HD Training Videos

    Watch and learn from over 50 premium, high-definition training videos that guide you every step of the way.

  • Practical Exercises, Guides and Tutorials

    Accelerate your success with practical exercises, guides and tutorials that can be easily downloaded and edited for you to use in your life.

  • Expert Training & Interviews

    Learn from the best in the industry and have access to my private email for 24/7 support.

What Do You Get When You Join?

  • 21 training modules that guide you through a proven-process to launch your life
  • Over 50 high-definition training videos that guide you every step of the way
  • 8 Expert Interviews with over 5hrs of practical content
  • Detailed exercises and templates to download for you to implement into your life and see real change take place
  • Weekly webinars to ensure you stay engaged and to help you plan your week, ask questions and stay focused
  • Over 20 (and growing) hand-picked inspirational, motivational and educational videos
  • A Life Dashboard to easily track and measure your progress
  • 6 CD audio program - "The Launch Your Life Roadmap" to enable you to learn while in your car or exercising
  • Over $100 Worth of Additional Bonuses
  • Proven process to ensure you live a better life in just 21 days

So, What Will You Learn?

Days 1-4: Where Am I Now?

You begin your journey in the Academy by understanding what your current life looks like, what knowledge you can take with you into the future and you will identify what is truly important to you, motivates you and inspires you.

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your life to elicit your successes, strengths and areas for improvement moving forward
  • Complete a fun and effective exercise to quickly identify how you are currently spending your time and energy, how balanced your life is and plan a way moving forward
  • Discover the importance of understanding your core values, how they effect your everyday life and how to actually utlise them for success.
  • Elicit your highest values by undertaking the comprehensive 6-Step Value Elicitation Process

Days 5-10: Where Do I Want to Be?

This week, you're guided on the process of gaining absolute clarity on where you want to go in your life. The process ensures your dreams are realistic, relevant, important to you and that they will motivate and inspire you.

  • Discover the ONE THING that you have the passion and skill to do and that you can earn a high income from
  • Learn how to stay 100% focused, motivated and committed to your dreams and goals by finding your WHY
  • Learn how to write an impactful purpose statement that will drive your life and help you powerfully communicate what you do to others
  • Understand the power of visualisation and create a vision & inspiration board to keep you focused on your goals
  • Learn the power and importance of having a role model and how to go about finding one

Days 11-13: How Will I Get There?

Next, you're guided through the process of setting your goals, developing a strategy and creating an actionable plan that will serve as your pathway to success.

  • Write a set of effective goals that will keep you focused and motivated using the 5-Step Goal-Setting Framework
  • Learn the one, simple technique that enabled 3% of Harvard Graduates to earn more than the other 97% combined
  • Gain clarity on the reasons WHY you are pursuing your goals and how they impact your life and progress you towards your purpose
  • Develop a strategy that will guide you, support you and keep you focused, motivated and committed to your goals ensuring success
  • Create a detailed action plan that will provide you with a step-by-step map of achieving success in your life

Access the Academy Anytime, Anywhere

The Launch Your Life Academy is fully responsive enabling you to continue to learn, implement and communicate with others anywhere, anytime and on any device you choose.

Days 14-18: Taking Action & Developing Peak Performance

This is where the rubber hits the road. You now learn the strategies and techniques to ensure you reach peak performance, unleash your inner-strength and start to achieve real results in your life.

  • Discover the 3 simple steps for building momentum in your life to kick-start your success
  • Understand how a small change in your trajectory can lead to huge change in your life over time
  • Learn best-practice methodology for taking action, staying focused, committed and motivated
  • Break out of your comfort zone, build your confidence and achieve the things you have not yet achieved in life
  • Learn how to create your success environment and start surrounding yourself with the people that will see you succeed
  • Create and embed successful habits that will see you progress towards your goals at a rapid and effective pace
  • Remove any self-limiting beliefs you may have by completing the 6-Step Process for Removing Self-Limiting Beliefs

Days 19-21: BONUS Resources - Review, Revise & Beyond

The final week is a bonus week to provide you with valuable information on how to stay focused, motivated and committed to your best life beyond the walls of the Academy.

  • Discover and implement useful tools to track, monitor and measure your progress
  • Understand the importance of reviewing and revising your plans and how to do this without hindering your progress
  • Learn how to stay focused, committed, disciplined and motivated well into your life and beyond the Academy
  • Discover the ONE TOOL you can use to create your Life Dashboard which will keep you organised, focused and motivated towards your goals and your purpose

Learn From Experts in the Field

We have a range of expert interviews for guidance, perspective and advice.

Understanding & Eliciting Your Values

We speak with Tim Brownson, founder of A Daring Adventure and Author of Aligning With Your Core Values on the importance of understanding your values and using them to guide your success.

Finding Your Passion

We speak with Barrie Davenport, founder of Live Bold and Bloom and creator of the Path to Passion Course to understand how to find your passion and live it.

Setting Your Goals, Your Strategy and Your Action Plan

We speak with Celes Chua, founder of Personal Excellence and regular media personality on how to set effective goals, the importance of developing a strategy and how to create an action plan you will actually stay committed to.

Creating Your Environment

We speak with Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live Your Legend and Creator of the How to Connect With Anyone Course on creating your environment.

Removing Self-Limiting Beliefs

We speak with Farnoosh Brock, founder of Prolific Living and creator of the Smart Exit Blueprint on how to remove self-limiting beliefs.

Bonus Expert Interviews to Keep You Focused and Motivated

More interviews to help you learn, grow and hear stories from those who have created a life on their own terms.

Motivation, Goals & Mindset

We speak with Victor Schueller, founder of the Positively Empowered Radio Show and author of Mediocre No More to discuss all aspects of motivation, goals and mindset.

Success, Motivation & Pursuing Excellence

We speak with Josh Hinds, founder of Get Motivation and author of It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG! to understand what it takes to achieve success, stay motivated and pursue excellence in life.

Getting Started

We speak with Naz Murphie, founder of RYPL (Rock Your Purpose Live) on making the transition from the corporate world to getting started in pursuing her passion and what it's like at the start of the journey.

What People Are Saying

Lisa Jacobs I was blown away by the helpful journal prompts offered inside the Academy! The Launch Your Life Academy enables you to examine all aspects of your life so that you may achieve more of the results that you want. This program will help you break outworn patterns, identify your core values, and rewrite your future for success.

Brendan's passion for peace and happiness shines through, and it's contagious! Lisa Jacobs, Marketing Creativity
Izzy Arkin What Brendan has created here is a truly fantastic Academy. He has broken down identifying your dreams, your passion, and what you want out of life into clear specific instructions.

This is an interactive, engaging program to help you figure out not only what you want out of your life - but also how to get it.

Plain and simple: If you join the Academy - your life will be forever changed. Izzy Arkin, The 30 Year Old Ninja
Daniel Pickford Brendan is a man on a mission who knows what questions you must ask to really empower yourself to move in the right direction and take specific and measurable action towards creating (and living) your better life.

This Academy is packed with such questions, insights and exercises, from helping you make the best decisions for you as an individual, getting deeply in touch with your passions, accurately measuring your progress and staying motivated, to specific questions and tips that will help you take action in the way that works best for you.

The course is very individual, so anyone can find real value within. It's worth every dollar of the small price because I reckon I'd have to buy a very good friend a very large number of lunches and dinners to get as many insights and as much thought as what Brendan has packed into this course! Daniel Pickford, Academy Graduate
Trent Hand So often I forget to take the time and really look inside myself to answer the most important questions in my life: What makes me happy and what can I do to bring more of that into my life?

Brendan’s Academy was an excellent reminder for me and the benefits will extend far beyond the time it took to complete the course.  He provides real steps and tools necessary to discover your true passions and create plans to follow them. Trent Hand, Author of 10 Days to Your Magic Life
Belén Aldecoa Martínez I have enjoyed this course so much. I am a University Professor and career coach and I am always looking for new ways, tools and techniques to help my students.. and on this occasion, I am changing my life too! Belén Aldecoa Martínez, Academy Graduate, HR and Management Skills Lecturer and Career Coach

The Framework That Will Guide You Every Step of the Way

How Does the Launch Your Life Academy Stack Up Against the Alternatives?

Here are some options for you in learning this information:

  • Attend a once-off weekend seminar ($1,500 - $5,000)
  • Hire a coach for 4-6 weeks ($150 per hour - $1,500 per month)
  • Complete a degree in human behaviour and performance psychology ($5,000 - $25,000)
  • Spend hours and hours of your own time researching without taking action ($1,000 - $100,000)
  • Immediate access to a simple and proven framework that will get you results
  • Expert training that you can return to at any point in time
  • Premium HD videos, guides, exercises and resources to implement into your life immediately
  • Well-researched, consolidated and practical information to give you more time to reach your goals and achieve success

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat specifically will I learn inside the Academy?

    The course presents a framework to help you strategically set your life up for success. You will accomplish three core goals: 1. Discover your career and personal passions, strengths and talents. 2. Build those talents and passions into a career or business and life that makes you come alive, and 3. Reach a higher level of performance and sustain that performance so you can achieve greater success and fulfillment in your life.

  • q-iconWhat if I don't have a clue what I'm passionate about or what my purpose is?

    That’s a key reason why I created this Academy. I have put together a process and a suite of exercises dedicated to your passion discovery, development and implementation. The Academy has got you covered.

  • q-iconI don’t think I need a course like this, don’t you think I can do it on my own?

    Definitely! Living your most passionate, inspired and successful life can be achieved by anyone. However, it could take you a year, 5 years or 30 years to work out how to do this in your own life. The Academy guides you through the whole process for less than the cost of a single coaching session, enabling you to see immediate results in your life.

  • q-iconDo you guarantee that I will achieve success doing what I love?

    If you follow the simple, proven process that is presented in this Academy, you will have all of the tools necessary for creating and sustaining a more fulfilling and successful life. But you have to do the work. I have found that those who take the time to go through all of the materials and engage with others are the most successful.

  • q-iconI'm a life and business coach, can I use this with my clients?

    Sure! I believe in making this as accessible as possible to everyone and I’m more than happy for you to use the exercises, tools and resources in your own coaching sessions. Just please let your clients know about the Academy as a useful training ground for them.

  • q-iconThis is a self-study course, but what if I have a question?

    I love questions! I make myself available to Academy members 24/7 for the first 90 days and I encourage you to get in contact with me at any time you do have a question.

  • q-iconWhat makes the Academy different from other courses on the market?

    Firstly, the Academy has been built using a proven system and framework that is the result of years of high performance and success-related studies, so you’re guaranteed to see results if you follow the process. Secondly, you’re learning from someone who actively implements these strategies and runs a passion-based business. Lastly, instead of setting high prices like other courses, I want to make this accessible to everyone so I have priced the Academy lower than a single coaching session and no more than a nice dinner at a restaurant.

  • q-iconWhat if I’m not satisfied?

    I have absolutely no doubt that joining the Academy will pay for itself multiple times over for you in your life. However, if for whatever reason the Academy is not what you expected, I offer a full 60-day money back guarantee.

    Not only will I refund you, I will also give you a dedicated 1on1 coaching session valued at $150 to help you launch your life.

    You deserve to try this out without taking any of the risk so I’m more than happy to take it all on myself.

Join Today and Grab Your Free Bonuses

Plus more bonuses that I just can't fit on here 🙂

Here's Everything You Have Access to:

  • 21 training modules
  • Over 50 high-definition training videos ($197)
  • Detailed exercises and templates to download ($47)
  • 8 Expert Interviews ($97)
  • Weekly webinars ($100)
  • Over 20 (and growing) hand-picked inspirational, motivational and educational videos ($37)
  • A Life Dashboard ($19)
  • Additional Bonuses ($150+)
  • Proven process to ensure you start to live a better life (priceless)

Total Value: $497 + Bonuses + Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You deserve to try this 100% risk free. If you’re not completely satisfied, the Launch Your Life Academy has a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. This is my life’s work and my reputation rests upon it – so you have my word.

Paige Burkes Paige Burkes, Simple Mindfulness I honestly have to say that Brendan’s Launch Your Life Academy is the best program I’ve seen that combines the most important exercises and practices necessary to create your own unique, amazing life.

Even over 4 weeks, there’s no fluff here! Only focused information that, if you give yourself the time to work through it all, will completely transform your life.
Lisa Jacobs Lisa Jacobs, Marketing Creativity I was blown away by the helpful journal prompts offered inside this Academy! The Launch Your Life Academy enables you to examine all aspects of your life so that you may achieve more of the results that you want. This program will help you break outworn patterns, identify your core values, and rewrite your future for success.

Brendan's passion for peace and happiness shines through, and it's contagious!

By Brendan Baker, Copyright Launch Your Life Academy &

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